Insect control facility

The insect-proof air curtain is used to block the insect by the air curtain airflow and prevent insect invasion. It is installed at the entrance of a warehouse or a room and operates when goods are carried in. Bug keeper is a device that sucks and insects that have invaded inside and insects that occur inside. You can use it with air curtain equipment. The bug shield is installed in the doorway and is a unit that combines a seat shutter and a bug keeper. It also prevents invasion of worming insects.

Feature of our air curtain product for insect repellent / refrigerator

  • The insect-proof air curtain is designed according to the frontage dimensions. It is a method of blowing out from both sides.
  • Bug keeper is a device that is installed indoors, attracts insects with lamps, sucks in and captures insects, has self-supporting type and wall-hanging type.
  • The bug shield is a unit that combines a high speed seat shutter and a bug keeper and combines the functions of both.

Using air curtain product for insect repellent / refrigerator

Awareness of food safety is remarkable, and it is used in many food factories. It is also used in sub-material factories such as containers, caps and films. Also, it is used to prevent contamination of foreign substances at pharmaceutical factories and electronic factories.

Harvested Brussels Sprouts on conveyor Belt

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Bug Keeper

This is absorption machine, catching insects arising from within the room and insects invading from external parts. It attracts insects with an attracting light inside the device and suck it from the back of the lamp. There are 3 types of lamps: 40 W type (Bug keeper), 20 W type (Bug keeper mini), 15 W type (Bug keeper micro). There are autonomous type and wall hanging type (micro).

Bug shield

It is an insect repellent unit integrating an insect machine (bug keeper) and a high speed seat shutter. It is installed at the loading port of the warehouse etc. Bug Use of exhaust from keeper, to prevent intrusion of insects.

Insect control facility apparatus

When the entrance of the warehouse or preparation room is opened, a large amount of insects will flow in. The insect-proof air curtain is a device to prevent insect invasion when the door is opened. It is designed to match the opening of the door. Moreover, high speed seat shutter built-in is possible.

Air curtain for cold storage

It prevents intrusion of warm air and leakage of cold air that occurs when opening / closing the doorway of a large refrigerator. This can prevent energy saving in factories / warehouses and damage of goods / foods in the cabinet.

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