Rate of progress of air cleaning technology and medical equipment producing factory of Airtech Thelong company reached 90%.

Lưu bản nháp tự động

The Long Airtech Joint Stock Company has begun construction of a new manufacturing factory in VSIP Industrial Park, Hai Duong province since August, 2018.

The Project is invested by a large amount of money, which is of critical important role of the great innovation of The Long Airtech Joint Stock Company. VSIP Hai Duong Factory is considered as a necessary milestone to achieve the goal that we will become the no 1 business in Vietnamese market in producing cleanroom equipment.

After 7 months of construction, at present, rate of progress reached approximately 90%. All of employees have tried hard in order to complete the ending processes quickly.

As expected, after acceptance of construction work in July, we will install a state-of-the-art facilities according to Euro and Japan standards (2 areas leading the field of clean rooms). In September, the company will begin running test machines owing to advanced technology, up-to-date facilities, team of experts.

If the project catch up, the new factory will be inaugurated in October, 2019. The Long Airtech Joint Stock Company guarantees that we can satisfy requires of customers (outstanding quality, competitive prices and timely delivery) and achieve business target in 2019.

The latest images of VSIP Hai Duong Factory:

Lưu bản nháp tự động Lưu bản nháp tự động
Lưu bản nháp tự động

Implementation: Thanh Hue – Photo: Trong Vinh.

Office: No. 144, Viet Hung Str., Group 3, Viet Hung Ward, Long Bien Dist., Ha Noi City
Factory: Tan Quang IP, Tan Quang Comm., Van Lam Dist., Hung Yen Prov.
Tel: 84-24.38737717 Fax: 84-24.38726894
Mail: khaclong@airtechthelong.com.vn

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